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Neuroscience and Peacebuilding

Exploring the Neurobiological Dimensions of Violent Conflict and the Peacebuilding Potential of Neuroscientific Discoveries

This, the inaugural volume of NeuroPeace, is a three-part series that brings together a group of eminent researchers on the frontlines of neuroscience to share—in a way that is accessible and engaging to nonscientists—their work and to spotlight how it might be relevant and useful to those who work to prevent wars, terrorism, and other forms of violent conflict and to help societies and individuals to heal in the aftermath of violence. The researchers cover a broad range of cutting-edge topics that are grouped under three broad headings and published in three separate editions: Individual Aggression (NeuroPeace no. 1), Group Dynamics (NeuroPeace no. 2), and Trauma (NeuroPeace no. 3).

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Part I: Individual Aggression

March 2021

Part II: Group Dynamics

April 2021

Citation: “Group Dynamics,” ed. Colette Rausch, NeuroPeace no. 2 (, April  15, 2021,

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Part III: Trauma

 May 2021

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